Realize Your App Ideas

I work on iOS and macOS applications because I totally fell in love with the platforms. It’s a delight to use Macs and i-devices, and I can help you craft an enjoyable user experience as well.

Without further ado, here’s what I have to offer:

To give you a rough estimate: I charge 800€/day (US$880) plus VAT where applicable. I’m very strict in planning what a day of work means in advance and what you can expect. If you need smaller fixes to be applied, I’ll work on a half-day basis.

Why I don’t bill programming by the hour? To estimate how many hours a single task will take is just too error prone. Plus, most things you may need help with will take way longer than a single hour anyway. So in practice I found it makes sense to chop up a task into more manageable time slices, like days.

I take full ownership of the development process and think we’re a good fit if you need someone to make your app good, and not just to make it work.

I was delighted to work with Christian! He supported the development of our macOS app and went way beyond the limited scope of his appointed tasks: he conscientously delivered results within the time frame he estimated in advance, and on top fixed additional bugs in other parts of out app. He also contributed to the definition of the work requirements and thus removed from our way in advance.
—Steven Reinisch, CEO Quantosparks GmbH, developers of Tapvis

Quality of work means a lot to me. I am not the right person if you want to have a quick and dirty UI cobbled together and don’t care for tests.

Oh, I am based in Bielefeld, Germany, so my timezone is UTC+01. Chances are you live elsewhere, so we will probably work together remotely.

Reach out via e-mail: