Hire Me for App Development

I work on iOS an macOS applications because I fell in love with Cocoa years ago. Over the years, I got pretty good at it, too.

Without further ado, here's what I have to offer:

I am based in Bielefeld, Germany, so my timezone is UTC+01. Chances are you live elsewhere, so we will work remotely by default. We can chat or Skype no problem.

I charge 800€/day (US$880) plus VAT where applicable. I'm very strict in planning what a day of work means in advance and what you can expect. If you need smaller fixes to be applied, I'll work on a half-day basis. I don't bill by the hour: estimating how many hours a task will take is just too error prone, and most things take way longer than a single hour anyway.

Quality of work means a lot to me. I am not the right person if you want to have a quick and dirty UI cobbled together and don't care for tests. I craft software and take responsibility for my work.

I also have years of experience in giving workshops at University, so I can teach your team, create webinars for your company, or coach 1:1. Take a look at my teaching details.

If you're interested in hiring me for iOS or macOS app development, e-mail me at: