I write software. And I write about writing software. And I write about writing, under the label of the Zettelkasten Method. Cocoa is my expertise, that is software for Mac and iOS. I use Ruby for everything else to become productive.

Clean Cocoa

Craft the software you want today in a way you will still understand tomorrow. Write readable and re-usable code to make your life as a programmer easier.

Programming for Mac and iOS is fun as it is, but it’s hard to get right. I help you create software which is a joy to work on, so you can:

Clean Cocoa Products

Have a look at my clean coding books for Mac developers to get started:

Exploring Mac App Development Strategies

Patterns & Best Practices for Clean Software Architecture on the Mac with Swift and Tests

Don’t worry about big software design decisions anymore. Take on Mac app development with solid principles, guided by extensive examples and explanation.

Creating Multi-Process Mac Applications

Exploring clean ways to split an app into concurrent processes, share data, and not break anything.

Learn how to separate your monolithic application into clients and background services, share data, and enhance the user experience.


I am a craftsman. I create software and I write. These are the things I work on.