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Feed for All Zettelkasten Posts

You can now subscribe to the posts tagged with “Zettelkasten only. I created a new feed which you can find here. With this feed, you get the Zettelkasten stuff without all the other news. The thing is that you’ll miss all the productivity tips which have nothing to do with the Zettelkasten method.

Don’t know what a feed is and wonder what your browser displays when you click on the link? The US Government website got you covered:

It’s an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that’s important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites.

Feeds are means to subscribe to website updates. The updates get pushed into your feed reader inbox, just like e-mail. This is far better than checking pages you like manually all the time. In Firefox, for example, you can bookmark website feeds and get an auto-updating list of new articles in your bookmarks bar. Most modern browsers got plug-ins to subscribe to feeds. Also, see a list of feed readers on Wikipedia for inspiration.

I use Fever to subscribe to other websites’ feeds.

If you didn’t know, the feed for all kinds of posts on this website is here. Subscribe to this one to receive notifications for all posts to this here “Worklog” of mine.


The Word Counter (Mac)

visit the Word Counter Website

What gets measured gets accomplished. A writer should write, so here’s the Word Counter to count what counts: how many words you write each day. Measure your output to increase your productivity as a writer.

Buy online for $5.99 instead of the regular $10.99

  • Why is counting words important?
  • Get immediate feedback on your productivity as a writer by glancing at the daily total count increase.
  • See how you distribute your productivity: the Word Counter shows which app got the most of your attention.
  • Boost your motivation by taking a look at how well you achieve your goals.

Calendar Paste 2

visit Calendar Website

Imagine you could paste events in your iPhone Calendar app! Calendar Paste 2 is an event template builder for iPhone/iPod Touch so you can organize recurring events painlessly.

download on the app store

With it you will:

  • Save time creating irregularly recurring events like shift work,
  • Prepare calendar event templates to stop repeating yourself,
  • Set-up your Pomodoro work sprints, or
  • Quickly create events with odd durations.

The Vault

These are projects I currently don’t attend to.

Notational Velocity

I tweaked Notational Velocity to support me during my university studies and my knowledge work. Notational Velocity became my main hypertextual tool to store references/take notes/jot down ideas/organize myself. Currently, its development is halted.