Theory and Practice of Independent Software Development

Part of my life’s work is dedicated to publishing articles and book on how to become a good coder and independent software developer. It’ll probably take until 2030 until I have it nailed down, but here’s what I’ve got so far.

My approach is holistic: to be successful, it’s not enough to know how to code. You need to be able to survive periods of despair and get by with little money. You need to figure out how to do marketing properly – that is, how to reach people, and how to maintain personal integrity while you do so. That’s why I’ll write about the life of being an independent software developer in addition to the day-to-day work.

Indie Developer Business

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Make Money Outside the Mac App Store

Own your products and know your customers: sell outside the Mac App Store. In a few hours, you'll have in-app purchases, a trial mode, and piracy protection all set. The book includes fully functional sample projects and code ready to be copied into your app.

  • 2nd edition: expanded to twice the features and details!
  • Swift 5
  • PDF, EPUB, and Kindle download
  • Lifetime updates

Software Development Craftsmanship

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Exploring Mac App Development Strategies

Learn how to create an application from scratch or refactor existing code to keep your code maintainable: clean up Core Data and AppKit dependencies from the rest of your app.

  • 4th, expanded edition
  • Swift 3
  • PDF, EPUB, and Kindle download
  • Lifetime updates