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Nov 16 2023

Embracing the AppKit Ways

After starting the day with a pro-SwiftUI rant, to my surprise I end it with an embrace of traditional, tested and true AppKit patterns.

Nov 15 2023

Not Quite 100% SwiftUI – Time Makes Perfect

Marin Todorov's “A 100% SwiftUI App” talk from this year's Swift Heroes went life (and it's really worth the half hour!)

Nov 11 2023

TableFlip v1.5.0 Released

This update brings HTML export, more LaTeX export options, and much improved performance!

Sep 21 2023

Sparkle v2.5 Adds Relevant Version Highlighting to Release Notes

With Sparkle v2.5, you can ship release notes for multiple versions, and then use CSS to hide outdated information from the user.

Sep 18 2023

Portable Painter Micro Palette

As a birthday gift, I got the Portable Painter Micro watercolor palette with some new colors. Here’s my first sketch with it.

Sep 13 2023

UserDefaults.register(defaults:) Is a Bit Like Nil-Coalescing

Mental model: registering fallback values for UserDefaults is like Optional coalescing in Swift.

Sep 11 2023

Year 36, a 🎂 Retrospective

Some bullet points (and stats) about my previous year in life.

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