My Apps

These are apps I designed, developed, and published myself.

The Archive

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The Archive is a macOS note-taking app for prolific writers. Its clean interface and fast search help you take notes that are meant to last a lifetime: the app stores everything as plain text and avoids everything that does not serve the user’s long-term interest.


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TableFlip is the Markdown table editor with a beautiful interface. Unlike spreadsheet software, it is clean and focused, quick and fun to use. Use it to work inside your existing documents with live-updates: you change the Markdown file and the table will update; save the table in TableFlip and the Markdown file will be changed.

Word Counter

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Word Counter for Mac: Overcome your writing obstacles. Get clarity about how you write, when, and where. Measure your productivity to write more.

Calendar Paste 3

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Calendar Paste 3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Stop wasting your time in the calendar, manage shifts, schedule irregularly recurring events, and create event templates for later use.


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Move! Responsive Work Breaks for Mac: Sitting kills you, slowly. Regular exercise can’t make up for too many hours at the desk. Only standing up from your desk regularly will make you feel good after intense work: Move! is there to help you do that.