What I Am Doing Now

In December, we got the news that my father is most likely terminally ill; it’s cancer. You never know how things pan out until treatment starts, which it hasn’t. I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, trying to tie up loose ends as best as I can. It’s very weird to have a close relative on a timer, so to speak.

Books I’m Reading

  • Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of the Wind

Programming & Zettelkasten

  • I’m working on image preview and a new editor for my note-taking app The Archive. Scriptability is deferred a bit until this iteration is finished. It fixes a couple of sync-related file conflicts, too, so that’s important.
  • Adding 3rd party app integrations to Timing for Mac (affiliate link) so you can track events from in addition to activity in apps.
  • The video course platform for the Zettelkasten Method couse is almost ready. Have to style and test things a bit to “deploy” the app, like the cool kids say.

Drawing and Art and Stuff

In the winter months, we usually meet in cafés to draw and sketch, because the weather is rather cold and wet in December and you can’t get watercolor to dry, it seems. With COVID lockdowns for cafés, that’s not an option anymore. So Jitsi meetups and drawing-from-home it is, but I haven’t done a lot of that – out of discouragement, I admit.

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