What I Am Doing Now

Programming & Zettelkasten

  • Reviewing the Zettelkasten Method course. Find out more on the Zettelkasten blog. It’s a course on creative knowledge work.
  • Adding user scripts to The Archive.
  • Adding 3rd party app integrations to Timing for Mac (affiliate link) so you can track events from in addition to activity in apps.
  • Working on ReSwift-Mario, a game demonstration of ReSwift and unidirectional flow. Will be used for a book project, I think.

Drawing and Art and Stuff

My girlfriend and I consider to create a page to review tools for Urban Sketchers. She’s very good at photography and video post production, which comes in handy for all this. We want to experiment with monetization via affiliate links.

We are still figuring out the focus, topics, and post formats. And the target language – English for a global audience, or German to stay local? Touch gecision.

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