What I Am Doing Now

Programming & Zettelkasten

  • Reviewing Slides for the Zettelkasten Method course. Find out more on the Zettelkasten blog. It’s a course on creative knowledge work.
  • Adding a new localization toolchain to Timing for Mac.
  • Working on ReSwift-Mario, a game demonstration of ReSwift and unidirectional flow. Will be used for a book project, I think.

“Survival” Camping Trip

On the weekend of June 13th, I’m invited to join on a 2-day survival workshop in the woods. I’m accustomed to lifting weights, calisthenics, and running; but I’m not accustomed to marching. We’ll be walking quite a lot, so I’m hiking for about 90mins about once or twice per week. I strap on my old army boots, load 20kg in my backpack, and strap a bandana above nose and mouth to get used to loaded hiking with a face mask. Because that’s apparently going to be a thing in June.

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