What I Am Doing Now

“We” are pregnant, about ⅓ in. Nothing’s ever safe, of course, but we’re preparing for a Q3 launch date :)

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get as much stuff out as possible:

  • Zettelkasten book: I’m typesetting the Zettelkasten Method book in LaTeX and managing cover design and illustrations. It’s almost finished. I expect it to reach stores in the first half of 2024.

  • “Sell Your Apps Your Way” Suite: Building on the ebook and my FastSpring resources, I want to expand my current offering by self-hosted server components so you can run your own business. Recent App Store policy changes inspire me to hurry :)

  • Plugin Editor for The Archive: Plugins do run already. But where do you get them from? How do you create your own? I’m working on an editor that works inside the app.

  • Reading: One year in, I’m very enamoured with the Boox e-reader devices. I now have a small one at the bed to just read something. A larger one is amazing as a sketchpad and to work on scientific articles and PDFs!

  • Drawing: The Bielefeld Urban Sketchers chapter now have a monthly meeting at a fixed place, and we meet about 3 times per month at the moment to draw and paint together. At the moment, I’m sharing pictures on Mastodon, there’s no public gallery, yet.