What I Am Doing Now

Cleaning up for the time between years: emails, taxes, paperwork.

Also, settling in on @ctietze@mastodon.social now that more people hang out there!

Books I’m Reading

  • Ousterhout: A Philosophy of Software Design. Not actually a ‘philosophy’, but a good read!
  • The book Passionate Programmer – some practical technology references are (of course) outdated, but it’s a good colletion of tips.

I wonder if I should get a refurbished e-ink ebook reading device. A lot of reference books I don’t need to keep around, but I also have a hard time selling them.

Programming & Zettelkasten

  • Testing a better database for WordCounter as a hobby project during the holidays.
  • Plugins for The Archive.
  • Adding 3rd party app integrations to Timing for Mac (affiliate link) so you can track events from in addition to activity in apps.

Drawing, Art, and Stuff

We’re meeting almost once a week to draw and paint together. Finally. That’s such a mood-lifter!

I abandoned my plan to set up a Pixelfed instance on my server from early 2022. It’s just too much work on top of everything else.

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