What I Am Doing Now

Biggest news: Moved in with my girlfriend. Spending most days in the home office alone, so need to meet with people more than before (when room-mate Sascha was always present).

Most notably, time flies by when nobody else is there, for some reason.

Books I’m Reading

  • Ousterhout: A Philosophy of Software Design. Not actually a ‘philosophy’, but a good read!
  • TDD with Swift books by Dominik Hauser and Gio Lodi. Will write about them once I’m through with both and applied new tricks in my apps, and processed notes into my Zettelkasten.
  • Various books on aquaponics and (vermi)composting.

Programming & Zettelkasten

  • Started an iOS project with SwiftUI and Firebase Cloud. That’s fun so far, because writing simple views is quick with SwiftUI. Have to re-learn some testing patterns for Combine, though!
  • User-generated scripts are coming to The Archive. Inline image preview works reasonably well, but before I spend more time making it look better, I’m waiting for Maximilian to finish work on the MultiMarkdown 6 highlighter.
  • Adding 3rd party app integrations to Timing for Mac (affiliate link) so you can track events from in addition to activity in apps.

Drawing, Art, and Stuff

We’re meeting almost once a week to draw and paint together. Finally. That’s such a mood-lifter!

I would love to set up a Pixelfed instance on my server to provide our group with an instagram-like experience, that can also double as my public gallery. Then I don’t have to write the gallery code myself. 🤞

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