Part of my life’s work is dedicated on how to become a good coder and independent software developer.

My approach is holistic: to be successful, it’s not enough to know how to code. That’s why I write about the life of an independent software developer, not just the day-to-day work.

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Make Money Outside the Mac App Store

Own your products and know your customers: sell outside the Mac App Store. In a few hours, you'll have in-app purchases, a trial mode, and piracy protection all set. The book includes fully functional sample projects and code ready to be copied into your app.

  • 2nd edition: expanded to twice the features and details!
  • PDF, EPUB, and Kindle download
  • Lifetime updates
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Exploring Mac App Development Strategies

Learn how to create an application from scratch or refactor existing code to keep your code maintainable: clean up Core Data and AppKit dependencies from the rest of your app.

  • 4th, expanded edition
  • PDF, EPUB, and Kindle download
  • Lifetime updates