Multi-Markup Notational Velocity

I integrated recent changes to Zachary Schneirov’s original NV into my code base. Most issues you were reporting should be solved just by that baby step.

The other new and cool stuff is:

  • Markdown, MultiMarkdown and Textile markup are available from the menu.
  • Your markup language of choice is saved across sessions, just like the visibility of your preview window.
  • Trying to use your MultiMarkdown, falling back to its own upon failure: When using MultiMarkdown, the program looks at ~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown first, preferring my MultiMarkdown scripts (which are sexier than the standard, anyway). If you do not have MultiMarkdown installed there, it falls back to an integrated pretty version (read: mine). Textile and barebones Markdown are included in the program as well, but there’s no lookout for your custom settings, yet.
  • Export preview to HTML, available via the sexy button you see in the screenshot.
  • Save to .txt when in Plain Text mode, but to .md when in Zettelkasten mode (sorry, Textile users!). A lot of you did report issues on this one.

I’m constantly trying to decouple the code Zachary (“scrod”) wrote. It works fine as-is, but it’s not easy to change and add features while keeping up to date with Zachary’s code. Merging everything every now and then is a little risky. I want my code to be an easy addition, ideally not touching anything from the original. That is just plain impossible, but thinking about it should indeed help me improve my code in many ways. I still can’t grasp how easy it is to do all these small changes. Incredible!

Thanks for all your great e-mail feedback! Hopefully I solved your issues. Feel free to contact me when there’s still something wrong with my fork of NV.

Download from GitHub.