Awesome new Notational Velocity

Brett Terpstra forked Notational Velocity and applied a few changes that worked for him. Until then, there were not much differences between his fork and mine, according to the screenshots anyway.

But look where he has come so far: among the new features is a widescreen layout and – how cool is that? – customizable preview templates!

Check out his project page and this screenshot:

nvALT Screenshot

I’m trying his fork right now and I really think my upcoming changes will be based on his codebase, as long as he did not make Zachary’s code worse. I yet have to dig deeper into the source code.

(Thanks to Eddie Smith for sending me a quick notice!)

As you can see, developing has immensely slowed down since late October/early November. I hope to get French language support up this remaining weekend. Thanks BZH Geek for submitting the error report and translating the ‘technical’ terms!

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