Interlude: first month of app sales

On Dec 11th I released Calendar Paste. With yesterdays App Store statistics available, I now have a full month of sales statistics recorded. I’m both happy and excited to share a few numbers with you on this first month anniversary.

I found it extremly hard to know about people who make a living from their little businesses. Hence I decided to do a monthly wrapup, with fancy graphs and all! This post will be an interlude to that schedule due to this special occasion.

Last weekend, a post on iCulture resulted in a surge of sales from Benelux countries. With these blogosphere-induced peaks, I can’t really see a trend. Maybe below 10 sales per day?

First full month of sales

In total, 342 downloads were registered. Substract maybe 5 or 7 promo codes I gave away, I end up with 335 sales in the first month after launch. Currency conversions basically ignored, this equals roughly EUR 180,– (USD 265).

I may repeat myself: I didn’t think this was going to happen. More than 300 sales are great! Just for the record: this doesn’t make up for a business model or anything – It just makes me happy to see that I might someday get rid of a few side-jobs and support myself with sales of products I care about and use myself.

You know what’s strange about that long-term vision? Doing stuff I care about would enable me to spend more time doing exactly that.

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