Calendar Paste 2.0 – the iOS 7 Update

This week, Calendar Paste got a huge update. It’s now iOS 7 ready: it looks cleaner and even more sexy than before.

I’m happy the app update is ready for you to download. It’s free for everyone who already purchased Calendar Paste.

For the rest of you: Get Calendar Paste 2 on the App Store!

download on the app store

It took some time to get there. I was pretty fast at updating the look and feel of the template items. I think the new and lighter look is relaxing, taking away some tension I didn’t notice before.

Old and new look and feel. The iOS 7 style (right) is way lighter.

Since I finished these changes, which were drastic but cosmetic still, I didn’t touch the code anymore. That was in late November. I’m working on another application at the moment and didn’t want to take time off for Calendar Paste development. Boy, was I stupid. It didn’t take long anyway and so many people seem to be happy about the update that I can’t believe I hesitated in the first place.

The feedback has been really good so far, you all seem to like it. Katie Floyd from Mac Power Users wrote a nice review earlier this week. I’m happy I can help people use their iPhone calendars more efficiently.

There are feature suggestions still on the list. Here are two:

  • Add a label to show in the template overview which is different from the resulting event name, and which is not added to the event once it’s created. This way, you can have three different “Meeting” templates.
  • Add a so-called URL Scheme to make Calendar Paste available for apps like Launch Center Pro.

I’m looking forward to implementing them. It’ll take time, though, as I have to focus on the writing-related productivity app for Mac. Stay tuned!

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