Calendar Paste v2.1.0 released

A Calendar Paste update hit the iOS App Store, in response to a very sound feature suggestion: Display Titles.

User dubble_d pointed out in an App Store review that calendar entries with the same name can’t be distinguished in the template list. Say you have four different kinds of “Team Meeting”, each lasting one hour, but belonging to different calendars or having different notes attached. Until now, Calendar Paste would’ve simply listed these four.

screenshots of the app
Introducing a Display Title makes distinguishing events with the same name easier and keeps the original title for pasting into your calendar

With the current update, you can add your own descriptive title to a template, called Display Title. This way, you can still call your calendar entries “Team Meeting” while showing something else in the event template list. This is especially useful when the event name would’ve been too long to fit on your iPhone’s screen: simply assign a shorter Display Title to see at a glance which event template is which.

It’s a bummer I can’t respond to App Store app reviews in any way. Apple doesn’t provide any customer support mechanisms. So I’ll say it here: Thanks, dubble_d, for the feature suggestion! I think this feature was a great idea.

Get Calendar Paste 2 on the App Store.