Word Counter v1.1.0 – Now With Daily Usage Statistics

Quantified Self nuts rejoice: I have just released the first big update to the Word Counter, the writing productivity monitor.

Find out when you write, how much you write, and which app you really use. Now you can see how you spend your productive time for every 24 hours of a day. The distribution of words per app per hour is at your very fingertips. With these stats, for example, you now can tell when you were using your writing apps and when you were just browsing the web.

Word Counter screenshot
The Word Counter digest, showing 24 hour productivity distribution

Buy the Word Counter online for $5.99 instead of the regular $10.99.

The “digest” view now contains a bar chart with one bar for each hour of a day right below the daily total. Move your mouse over the bars to see which top 3 apps contributed to the sub-total of that hour. Minuscule contributions are grouped to get out of your sight so you don’t get distracted.

With this update, the Word Counter got far more useful. So useful that I refrain from shutting it down myself during development.

When I work on the app, I have to test drive the changed version from time to time. In the past, it got on my nerves to have the release version running all the time and starting the development version next to it, cluttering my menu. However, since the charts are there, I have the Word Counter running all the time because I enjoy looking at my stats and finding out how fast I’m making progress.

Because I enjoy using and looking at the app myself so much, I think you are going to like it, too.

Get the Word Counter for a discount: Buy online for $5.99. The time-limited offer ends in a few weeks, as soon as I release the next major feature.

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