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I have a Zettelkasten project newsletter for a few years already, and it was featured on this site as I wrote about the topic.

Since my endeavors on this worklog/blog have shifted, I think it’s the right moment to offer a non-Zettelkasten newsletter for the folks interested in my projects, the programming books, and the software I develop.

The new project newsletter will be my premier place for project announcements and software beta invitations. A lot of you have helped already make the Word Counter better. There’ll be lots of opportunities to test software for free in the future. There’s a bunch of stuff in the making.

Apart from project updates, I’ll provide a convenient list of posts I have published on all my project websites since the previous issue so you don’t have to collect these, too.

Thanks for your support and for reading this blog! If you want to stay up to date and benefit from a much closer contact, sign up now.

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