How I prepare Calendar Paste E-Mail Pitches

I’m knees-deep in code and wait for new provisioning profiles from Apple to release an app for Mac next week. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I wanted to care for my recently updated Calendar Paste 2 more and reach out to bloggers and the press to increase coverage.

Since this is a problem all indies have to deal with, I thought: why not share my e-mail template?

My Calendar Paste pitch template

Subject: With Calendar Paste, you never need to write the same event details twice

Hi [first name],

Calendar Paste 2 helps save time entering tasks which look the same but can’t be put on a recurring schedule. With it, you create calendar event templates to prepare events once only.

It closes the gap of missing copy & paste on the iPhone calendar.

Here’s the gist of the app:

  • Save time scheduling shift work, on-call duties, and irregularly recurring events.
  • Productivity folks like Eddie Smith of Practical Efficiency and Brett Terpstra use it a lot.
  • Create event templates to store all the details for later, then paste it into your calendar at a specific time.

Relevant links:

Press kit:

Your personal promo code: [promo code]


My most recent changes:

  • I began to try this subject line just this week. Lately, I used the lame “App review request: Calendar Paste - event templates for iPhone” or something similar.
  • I also sticked to plain text mails in the past, which could’ve been a mistake. We’ll see!
  • I’ve tweaked the intro paragraph according to recent tips at

I’ll share details once I know more about the effects.

What worked for you in the past?

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