Clean Coding is a Programming Misnomer for a Software Engineering Principle

I found a cute info-graphic on how to become an iOS developer by John Kim. This study guide contains a passage with a very interesting distinction between programming and engineering. Thanks to it, I found out a detail about what it means to write “clean code.”

Citing from the graphic:

Programming is like building the bridge. You need to know how to use the tools to get your end result. In this way, you need to know the programming language to build your “bridge”

Software engineering is like knowing how to design a bridge. You need to know the proven industry design rules to make a long lasting and reliable “bridge”. In this way you need to learn software engineering to design great software

Learning the Syntax and grammar of a programming language is pretty straight foward [sic!]

Understanding software engineering is the hard part about becoming an iOS developer

Learn BOTH but focus on Software Engieering [sic!]

Software engineering is about the design principles. It’s the necessary condition to plan the components of object-oriented projects like those for iOS and Mac. It is required to write clean code.

Programming itself is about API knowledge, understanding the language grammar and the like.

Of course we write clean code, but we’re able to write it only because we’re able to make a clean design up in the first place. So there’s not much clean coding, but a lot more clean design.