Library for Providing Static UITableView Contents in Swift

I discovered a Swift library called Static the other day. It helps set up and fill UITableViews with static content – that is, it doesn’t permit deletion or rearrangement of new rows into the table.

I think the following example to configure sections with rows reads really nice:

Section(header: "Money", rows: [
    Row(text: "Balance", 
        detailText: "$12.00", 
        accessory: .DisclosureIndicator, 
        selection: {
        // Show statement
    Row(text: "Transfer to Bank…", 
        cellClass: ButtonCell.self, 
        selection: {
        // Show transfer to bank modal
], footer: "Transfers usually arrive within 1-3 business days.")

This will work with data you fetch from Core Data or a server, too, of course. As long as the contents of the table don’t need to change once it’s set up, Static is a good choice!

When you’re into creating view controllers programmatically for static content, here’s a gentle reminder to have a look at Chris Eidhof’s functional view controllers on GitHub. Have a look at his 30 minute talk at AltConf where he walks you through the process of setting up a sequence of view controllers and navigating through it.

I think Static is a great data source replacement and fits Chris’ approach really well.

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