Productive Writer's Bundle Sale

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The Productive Writer's Bundle 2015

This year, the team of Texts, Brett and I teamed up to bring you the best minimal writing product bundle for the Mac. It’s designed to get you through NaNoWriMo: the accompanying guide tells you how to make the habit of writing stick and how to get most out of the apps.

The lineup of apps:

  • Texts for focused writing (even on Windows PCs!)
  • Marked for previewing and reviewing
  • Word Counter to increase your productivity
  • BONUS: iThoughts X (coupon for 30% off) to plan the plot with Mind Maps
  • BONUS: Minimal Writing on the Mac guide

I use these apps myself to write, so creating this bundle was a no-brainer and a very exciting experience – oh was I busy! – but more on that later.

The Productive Writer’s Bundle is a sexy deal at more than 50% off, for $25 instead of $60 – for every author, be it novelist or non-fiction technical writer.

Grab it now. And tell your friends.

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