Move! Review at Softpedia

My humble work break timer Move! has been reviewed by Catalin Chelariu over at Softpedia. I didn’t find any Twitter account or anything to thank him, so here it is: thanks for the review!

Catalin had one wish, though:

However, it would be great if there was an option to postpone the break, as it simply may not be possible to interrupt your current activity in certain situations.

I have to say that I totally understand where this comes from – I used AntiRSI and similar software in the past which offered a postpone button. It was useful. But it was also opening the doors to hell.

So I’m sorry to say that if your job demands you to sit down for whatever reason, then Move! isn’t going to be your app. It’s made for everyone, because everyone needs to get up more often. 30mins really isn’t that bad. Some corporate environments don’t care about your health, though, so you may need to increase the work duration.

What I wish for this app myself is the ability to start a break early, i.e. when I have to leave the desk for a while. Or a setting for work hours, so that it doesn’t interfere me watching a movie after 9 p.m., for example.

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