Piezo Exits the Mac App Store

Rogue Amoeba develop lots of popular software. Now Piezo 1.5 exits the Mac App Store.

While the App Store has many shortcomings, it’s the onerous rules and restrictions Apple has for selling through the Mac App Store which pose the biggest problem. The type of software we make is precluded from being sold through the store, particularly now that sandboxing is a requirement, and Apple has shown no signs of relaxing those restrictions. Fortunately, unlike iOS, the Mac platform is still open. We’re able to distribute and sell direct to our customers, right from our site. We’ve got almost 15 years of experience and success doing just that, and we have no plans to stop.

Their apps that work on the App Store stay there.

Shameless self promotion: Are you worried about the recent trend of abandoning the MAS? I wrote a book about publishing apps outside the Mac App Store. There’s nothing you have to fear. It’s fun.