Announcing TableFlip

TableFlip mockup
Preview mockup of TableFlip 'flipping' a Markdown file

I’d like to officially announce my next project: TableFlip.

Open any Markdown file with TableFlip and you can visually edit the tabular data included. Save and the Markdown file is updated. It’s that simple.

It’s also Markdown-aware simple table data editing app. It’s fast and lean and pretty. No need to fire up monstrosities like Excel for Mac or even Apple’s own Numbers to edit simple data that naturally fits the 2D-arrangement of a table.

TableFlip tabular data
Mockup of TableFlip editing a table just because writing tabular data is fun

I’m going to release TableFlip later this year. No concrete dates, yet. Progress is good so far and I want to invite beta users soon-ish.

Sign up at to stay in touch and become a beta tester.

Love hearing from you: I’m very excited about this project.

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