TableFlip Launches

I pushed the button. Now TableFlip is here!

TableFlip is a text-based visual table editor. It will become your go-to application to edit tabular data because it’s blazingly fast, lightweight, and fun to use.

You can use it to quickly create tables from scratch and copy the result anywhere – or you can use it to edit tables in existing documents. That’s what “flipping” stands for:

screenshot of TableFlip
Open your document in TableFlip and you can it in your editor AND in TableFlip simultaneously!

TableFlip is designed to remedy a pain in your Markdown workflow: handling table markup. Typing Markdown tables sucks. TableFlip lets you edit data in a slick visual interface. And then it saves the result as clean Markdown – right into your existing documents where you want it.

Get TableFlip at 20% off until Oct. 15th, only!