Make Money Outside the Mac App Store – Swift 3 Update

book cover

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finished updating my e-book about ditching the app store and selling your apps with the help of FastSpring for Swift 3!

I also got annoyed by “$x.99” prices and lowered the price from $24.99 to $22. The Indie Mac Developer Book Bundle is now just $27, too.

The code was updated a while ago already. I just never finished editing the manuscript because I wanted to add so many things. Now I’ve only done minor edits, but that’s better than having an outdated book, right?

(The print version is still being proofed and will take another day or two until it’s ready.)

If you bought the book from my store already, you can download an updated version using the same download link. Lost the link? E-mail me and I’ll re-send you the details.

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