Clean Cocoa Blog Redesign

Update 2017-11-26: This announcement appeared on the GitHub hosted page for a while and is now outdated; I leave this here for historical accuracy after merging the websites.

I started and kind-of-finished this step after TableFlip’s release back in November 2016. But then I never pulled the trigger. So the redesign and usage of the URL didn’t really happen. Until today.

The website is now hosted on GitHub Pages. And I’m working on building a knowledge base as wiki. Since the website is hosted on GitHub, everyone can propose changes.

I want to provide higher-level knowledge about iOS and macOS software application development. It’s okay to host lists of components/libraries for certain tasks. But these things change fast, and I cannot keep up with maintaining a list of libraries by myself.

I believe manual curation of knowledge is the only way to make starting application development feasible. Googling will only bring up popular results; but personal recommendations may provide a totally different angle.

So here’s to the next step in my grand scheme to empower Cocoa developers on every level, from code to marketing and lifestyle choices.

My personal website at will gradually transition to an overview about all my projects. There was no headquarters for my apps until now. My personal website will now become such a place, including “press releases” and update announcements. Stuff my app business customers might be interested in, but programmers, not so much.

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