Website Changes Imminent

Update 2017-11-26: This announcement appeared on the GitHub hosted page for a while and is now outdated; I leave this here for historical accuracy after merging the websites.

The past couple of weeks have been unusually quiet around here. There are a couple of reasons:

  1. I was undergoing an operation (for a nearly-but-not-really abdominal hernia that I got from squats with bad form and tons of weight a couple years back and which showed symptoms in March) and being able to sit in front of a computer again took a while. I now permanently carry a 6x11cm plastic mesh in between the fasciae of my belly. Apart from most strength training still being too painful to do, everything’s fine in my day-to-day activities.
  2. When I could, I spent all my computer time on my current soon-to-be-announced project. It’s an important milestone in my Mac application empire and there are a lot of edge cases I have to cover to prevent data loss and the like. It’s pretty huge in terms of lines of code already, surpassing both the Word Counter and TableFlip.
  3. I am planning to move the programming blog from here to someplace else. Because I don’t have an outlet for all of my stuff at the moment. Programmers will be able to read my posts and notice my books on this site at the moment, but app customers will have a harder time finding their way around. As I grow my empire, I want to take better care of everything. I migrated most stuff to a GitHub Pages hosted Jekyll website. My secondary domain now points there if you want to have a look. Which means the schism is already real, it only doesn’t show on this website, yet.

Then there’s a lot of preparation happening for side-projects and my stuff at the Zettelkasten Method blog where we will run a live video stream today, by the way.

So the delay here is due to managerial problems and some re-structuring. I hope to clean up everything, soon, and then move forward with higher velocity. There’s a ton of unedited posts in my backlog waiting to be published.

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