ReSwift v4 Released

I totally forgot to bring this up: ReSwift version 4 was released 13 days ago!

The coolest part (in my opinion) is to skip duplicate states in subscriptions if you want to. The state has to be equatable somehow to do this with the default subscription measurements. But then again you’re using this anyway right now with ReSwift 3.x, only for every subscriber.

store.subscribe(subscriber) {
  $ {
    ($0.testValue, $0.otherState?.name)
  }.skipRepeats {
    return $0 == $1

The skipRepeats in the subscription builder/configuration block will be used automatically if the selected state conforms to Equatable. But you can use your own skipRepeats implementation if needed.

In theory, you could add map and filter and whatnot to the underlying Subscription type that’s being configured in the block you pass to subscribe(), though I don’t see much value in this at the moment.