Blogs Merged Back Into One

I have migrated blog posts I published at over the past months back to this place. It was nice hosting the project on GitHub Pages, but in the end I never really wanted to post articles elsewhere.

The original problem of my web imperium still persists: on this personal page, both my coding stuff and my software need a hub. A proper next step is to create a better website index to direct casual visitors, I guess, and improve the website navigation.

It was fairly easy to separate the Zettelkasten Method project a couple of years ago because the two topics didn’t work well in one blog. But since then, the blog part was exclusively about programming. Tearing that out, too, just didn’t feel right after a while. Gut reactions aside, with the years I’m growing more worried when I do experiments like that because these personal decisions are also business decisions. I’m slowly becoming more professional in my concerns, I guess!

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