A Visually More Accessible Disabled NSColorWell

I use the macOS color well to let users of The Archive tint vector icons in their favorite color. But setting NSColorWell.isEnabled hardly produces a visual change in the color editor.

Can you easily tell which is enabled and which is disabled if it weren’t for the checkbox?

Hint: the bottom one is enabled

The little frame color change is too subtle for my taste. I added a high-contrast strike-through line to my color well:

Screenshot of NSColorWell subclass with strike-through
Sometimes a line says more than a thousand shades of gray

Enjoy the code below:

class StrikethroughColorWell: NSColorWell {
    override func draw(_ dirtyRect: NSRect) {

        if !isEnabled { drawStrikethrough(rect: dirtyRect) }

    private func drawStrikethrough(rect: NSRect) {

        let lightLine = NSBezierPath()
        lightLine.move(to: NSPoint(x: 1, y: 0))
        lightLine.line(to: NSPoint(x: rect.width + 1, y: rect.height))
        lightLine.lineWidth = 2

        let darkLine = NSBezierPath()
        darkLine.move(to: NSPoint(x: -1, y: 0))
        darkLine.line(to: NSPoint(x: rect.width - 1, y: rect.height))
        darkLine.lineWidth = 2