Emacs for Remote SSH Python Development

I am using Emacs for over a year now to manage my tasks. I like how I can mix tasks with long form notes in a single outline. It’s good.

Emacs project view with Solarized theme and neotree open to the right

We had to play with vi and emacs for a while at University. I’m very happy I got used to the very basics of both editors because I ended up using vi a lot when SSH-ing into remote machines, and now Emacs for everything else.

Accessing files on a remote machine with Emacs is painless. You visit a file (C-x C-f) and enter /ssh:user@host:path/to/file and off you go. Of course Emacs helps you to autocomplete every part of this when you press tab.

Navigating the same directory structure all the time got on my nerves; the emacs-neotree package helped on that front. Love it.

The Python project you see is my One Button Audio Player Raspberry Pi project. I’m writing the control software and will solder everything together next week. It’s an audio player with a single button to help my 90-year-old grandmother access audio books and music. She has about 2% vision left, so any consumer device you can buy is way too finicky. This should help. Hashtag giving back some love to your ancestors.