TextMate v2.0 Was Released

The TextMate auto-updater surprised me yesterday by installing v2.0. No RC suffix anymore, just the plain number. That doesn’t mean this update comes with any crucial feature. It’s just a message of intent: this editor is worthy to be a successor to TextMate 1.

I think TextMate 2 was good enough for years already. In fact, only in 2019 did I begin to see weird behavior in my basic workflow with it. The async text highlighting seems to cache less than before, so that switching tabs throws off what’s visible in the editor view, and new windows start too small to fit the line wrapping all of a sudden. But does that bother me very much? Nope. I use TextMate every day. I maintain this and any other website with this editor. I write every Ruby script with TextMate. (For a Raspberry Pi Python project, I used Emacs to remotely edit on the device via SSH, though.) I write and edit my book manuscripts with TextMate. Whenevery I need to have multiple carets to edit similar lines of text, I go to TextMate. (Though I never tried the macro recorder.) It’s always open, and it’s the first app I install on new Macs. It became a part of me, and I don’t like the thought of someday having to miss it.

Get TextMate 2 for free. It’s open source.

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