WordCounter v1.6 Brings Analytics to Your Productivity!

My stats for October 2019. Didn't notice I wrote that many words in emacs.

The WordCounter update to v1.6 is online! It brings the long-awaited statistics module so you can get an overview of your productivity over any period of time. It also comes with a CSV export of the visible data.

Download the free update!

Export and the aggregate numbers will be expanded in future updates. The stats currently supplement the daily calendar history, but the history will be obsoleted as I move the daily details into the analytics part itself.

Here’s what my last 365 days looked like:

My stats for the last year.

When did I write that many words in TextMate?! It’s almost on par with Xcode. I bet it’s mostly for the book update from September …

Focusing on TextMate only for the same period. See the 7000 spring at the end of August?

Turns out that, apart from the time when I churned out the update in TextMate, Xcode was pretty much present every day. It’s a very steady companion, boringly so, even when I look at 2 years of data:

Xcode programming output for the past 2 years.

In early 2018, I was working on The Archive furiously. It’s a greenfield app, so everything I typed was new and paved the way for future structural changes. Nowadays, I have to adhere to the same structure in my code and either replace things carefully, or add to existing code. It’s less a first draft-like writing frenzy and more like a careful surgical operation. Still I’m bummed one can see the change in programming mode before and after v1.0 public release so clearly!

Alright, enough playing around with the numbers. I hope you enjoy this free update and find it as useful as I!

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