Community Trumps All

This is not a pun on the U.S. president. Going through stuff from the past year, I just noticed how much more amazing daily life feels with a community. In the past 2 years, I helped found two communities:

  1. The Zettelkasten Forum, a digital hangout for supportive and overall amazing people discussing creative knowledge management, and
  2. a local group of sketchers and artists who meet every other week or so to hang out, sketch, draw, paint and photograph Bielefeld-local stuff and talk about creating art.

Without the local group of Urban Sketchers, I wouldn’t have progressed with my watercolor skills; and without the forums, there wouldn’t be a lot of places to hang out to talk about what I find most interesting about personal knowledge management: creating new insights!

So 2019 apparently was my personal year of community, if I were looking for a motto. Thanks, folks, for being part of this whole thing!

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