MultiMarkdown Filter for nanoc

I recently dropped blog posts rendered via MultiMarkdown. I used MMD to support citations, but this is not a book, this is a website!

So I retired my MultiMarkdown processor for nanoc, the static site generator that I use.

If you need something like it for your project, here it is:

require "systemu"

class MultiMarkdownFilter < Nanoc::Filter
  identifier :mmd
  type :text
  def run(content, args = {})
    output = ''
    stderr = ''
    status = systemu(
      [ 'multimarkdown' ],
      'stdin'  => content,
      'stdout' => output,
      'stderr' => stderr)

    unless status.success?
      $stderr.puts stderr
      raise RuntimeError, "MultiMarkdown filter failed with status #{status}"

It requires a local installation of the MultiMarkdown binaries. This is not part of any Ruby gem that I’m aware of, so you need to install it separately, e.g. via brew install multimarkdown.

Use it in your Rules file:

compile '/posts/**/*' do
  filter :erb
  filter :mmd  # <----
  layout '/default*'