MultiMarkdown Filter for nanoc

I recently dropped blog posts rendered via MultiMarkdown. I used MMD to support citations, but this is not a book, this is a website!

So I retired my MultiMarkdown processor for nanoc, the static site generator that I use.

If you need something like it for your project, here it is:

require "systemu"

class MultiMarkdownFilter < Nanoc::Filter
  identifier :mmd
  type :text
  def run(content, args = {})
    output = ''
    stderr = ''
    status = systemu(
      [ 'multimarkdown' ],
      'stdin'  => content,
      'stdout' => output,
      'stderr' => stderr)

    unless status.success?
      $stderr.puts stderr
      raise RuntimeError, "MultiMarkdown filter failed with status #{status}"

It requires a local installation of the MultiMarkdown binaries. This is not part of any Ruby gem that Iā€™m aware of, so you need to install it separately, e.g. via brew install multimarkdown.

Use it in your Rules file:

compile '/posts/**/*' do
  filter :erb
  filter :mmd  # <----
  layout '/default*'

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