Zettelkasten Method Introduction

Sascha wrote an introduction to the Zettelkasten Method, and after months of editing and polishing, we finally published in online!

What’s a Zettelkasten, you ask?

Think personal wiki of knowledge. But instead of merely cartographing what is in the world, you create new stuff from the things you collect, building up layers upon layers of ideas by connecting what you already have, and then making a big hypertext from it.

At first you have atomic ideas, then you begin to link them and think and write about their connection.

In other words, it’s a way to add layers of abstractions to your thinking and writing.

I use something like it for 11+ years now and the amount of cross-connections is very cool. Also, by using my Zettelkasten properly, I “accidentally” prepare blog posts for this site: every note is self-contained and written in a semi-publishable manner, so I could just copy and paste notes together to make an article. That’s the sweetest part of it: how it accelerates my writing.

Check out the intro and see how simple the actual implementation is.

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