OpenMoji Support in emacs-emojify

Some OpenMoji emoji with modus-operandi and modus-vivendi themes

If you have no dignity (like me), you might enjoy displaying emoji in Emacs. I actually really like that when composing/reading email, and when I want to add colorful stuff like stars in my to-do lists.

There’s this package, emacs-emojify, you might want to check out. When you install the package, it will download EmojiOne images by default. You can set up your own, and I found the OpenMoji set to look very nice. Clear lines, crisp shapes, very recognizable expressions in big and small sizes. Love it.

OpenMoji is open source, and I took their 72px color PNG exports from their v13.0 release from GitHub and imported them in emacs-emojify. The file name pattern matches (it’s unicode code points + .png), so I only had to point emacs-emojify to the new folder, and that was it.

By now, my pull requests went through and OpenMoji support will ship with an upcoming release of emacs-emojify.