WordCounter v1.6.4 Released

WordCounter v1.6.4 is just released and comes with mostly Big Sur compatibility fixes and a fix for the calendar view: January 2021 in Gregorian calendars was displayed oddly, because the maths for the week calculations accidentally produced January 2022 and not 2021. Calendar arithmetics are still hard.

Quality of life improvement: you can now see the year in the calendar view, both in the labels for the month and in the daily details.

For all of you waiting for character counts: I’ll be working on that next, but will have to revamp more than you might think to not slow down the app whe accessing your data. Will take a while.

Release Notes

  • Fixed: Month of January 2021 displayed completely wrong with Gregorian (“western”) calendars.
  • Fixed: Hang-up when selecting something in the history, then scrolling down a lot, then selecting another day.
  • Changed: When exporting the stats to CSV, reveal the file in Finder.
  • New: Display years in both the History’s month view, and the daily stats.

This is a free update.

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