#CamelCaseHashtags Could Improve Accessibility

If you’re using hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, or in your Zettelkasten – consider CamelCasing 1 the hashtags if there’s more than one word involved. That acually seems to help screen-readers with pronunciation.

Not that many Instagram photo hashtag lists are worthy of being read aloud. But it’s nice to know that this can help for actual textual content down the line. (Examples from trending tags I pulled on German Instagram and web comics include, but are not limited, to #sundayBumDay, #towardsMoreRealityOnInstagram, and wherever the word boundaries in #inspoforallgirls and #turtleneckfashionstatementaboutthefragilityofspacetime and #whoagonetoofarnow are hidden.)

Found out about this on Twitter by @ThatBlindLad.

  1. No need to split hairs about PascalCase vs camelCase since the capitalization of the 2nd word onward matters.