FastSpring Introduces Multi-Discount Coupon Codes

Recently, FastSpring announced what they call “Multi-Discount Coupons”. These are coupon codes that:

  • can be used multiple times (e.g. CYBERMONDAY, to be used by any customer, as opposed to one-time use coupons)
  • can apply different discounts for multiple products.

This is different from regular coupon codes that would only apply to one product.

To implement a coupon-based discount for a combination of products, the best bet so far was to create a (temporary) product bundle and apply a re-usable coupon to that.

I’m glad to see FastSpring is still expanding the features of the new backend. It’s catching up to the decades old backend, and this is, I believe, even exceeding that one’s features.

In the old backend, you were able to do many more discount-based offerings that were commonplace. When the new backend was introduced, I lamented that the established patterns of offering discounts weren’t possible. We exclusively had one-time use coupons. So you couldn’t run a sale with a CYBERMONDAY coupon that anyone could use an infinite number of times (you had to generate unique codes like CYMON01A45). And you couldn’t give leads from a sponsored blog posting a discount as an incentive to purchase. (I am not implying that this is a good or bad idea. Just that it wasn’t possible, while being a very common practice; “Use coupon CTIETZE2021 for 20% off!”)

The best thing you had was to apply referral-based discounts, or, worse, create a discounted, hidden copy of your product and link folks to that. Meh.

So things are improving for sellers, that’s good.

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