Copy Dropbox Link to File Using Maestral

Joel Rendall on the Keyboard Maestro forums published a macro collection for Maestral users.

Since my switch to Maestro from the macOS native Dropbox app with all its annoying features, there’s only one thing I missed from the Dropbox app – copying links to files in my Dropbox to share them with others. I do this quite often with video recordings for bug reports, I found.

Joel’s macro collection contains a Dropbox: Copy Link macro that one can add as a Finder Quick Action. (I didn’t even know this was possible.) Joel even walks us through the macros and how to set them up in a 12 minute video. Amazing work, thanks Joel!

Update 2022-02-03: Joel added a new “reveal file on” macro, too. Sweet!

The macros use the maestral shortlink PATH command-line program. This is just another example of how useful it is to make an app CLI scriptable. The possibilities are endless and it’s quite simple to create a Shortcut or Automator Workflow instead.