The Playdate's Docs Are Made with More Love Than Most End Products

Michael Tsai shared a link to the Playdate’s Design Guidelines. The page blew me away.

The Playdate is a handheld console that the team at Panic brought to live, and which you can actually buy since late last year.

Panic is an indie Mac app dev powerhouse for decades. They are known for the love and care put into every project. Including their weird game ideas like Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game, and then: the Playdate.

I was enamored with the project idea from the start when the concept was , which was years ago. But I didn’t buy one because I don’t need one, and will likely not have time to play with the SDK.

But now I really want to: because the Design Guidelines (which is essentially their HIG equivalent) are so lovingly well-written, the whole documentation is!, and the device looks neat, and they spent so much care making the end product a pleasant experience, and the SDK is very noob-friendly – it is just a lovely project I would enjoy being a part of.

Maybe some day.

So big shout-out to Panic for making great things!