Happy People = Mac Users

I talked about my “job” the other day and, again, pointed out that I’m making apps, but for Mac, not iPhone.

No, no, I also do iPhone. I just don’t like to, and avoid it if I can.

But using a Mac, that is fun, and working on a Mac is great. The machines are good, the OS is still good. That’s what I believe the most. For the things I’m interested in making, the Mac is a good platform. It’s a platform to get serious stuff done. And I can be a part in making the experience enjoyable and make “work” fell less like a chore. That’s what I’m interested in.

And I don’t believe that people should spend more time with their phones. I don’t want to use my iPhone more, and I don’t wish others use their iPhones more. So no iPhone apps, just more happy Mac apps. That’s a better world in my book.1

  1. The iPad is a bit different. It’s in the twilight zone between serious work horse and potential time sink. I ponder writing iPad apps more, but it’s still an afterthought.