TableFlip v1.4.1 Released

TableFlip v1.4.1 passed App Store review and is now released:

  • Improved: CSV importing and exporting compatibility: better handling of Excel export data, and quoted cell contents.
  • Fixed: Edit > Copy Row didn’t copy the selected row properly.
  • Fixed: Crash when copying a CSV-imported table as LaTeX or Markdown.
  • Changed: Notifications are now off by default.

In my original draft for this post I wrote this:

Direct customers got the update on Monday already.

This plan was somewhat sort of holding up, but it was actually last week that I intended to publish it. And direct customers need to download the latest version manually, because I broke the auto-updater in the previous version.

It turned out I screwed up the transition to Sparkle 2.x in TableFlip and forgot to configure how the installer XPC helper is supposed to run. TableFlip is actually my only sandboxed app, so the process is a bit different, and I didn’t realize that until last week.

The obnoxious manual download prompt I am sadly pushing out at the moment

Everything’s been fixed and tested to the best of my new-found knowledge.

This is always an embarrasing moment.

It’s not the first time in the past 10 years I broke an updater. I believe it was the WordCounter which under some still unknown-to-me circumstances would not download the Sparkle updater feed at all. That was 6+ years ago, so I do hope that these users eventually downloaded a newer version manually. – Opposed to the TableFlip fiasco of this week, without the update feed downloading at all, there’s no way to show messages to existing users. There is a way to communicate with existing customers, of course: since I have their email addresses from their order, I can reach out if needed.