Super Saturday Sharefest: Matt Massicotte's XPC Work

Ok ok, I know Super Saturday Sharefest is not a thing, but it’s too late for Follower Friday, alright?

I want to give a big shout-out to Matt Massicotte of ChimeHQ for dropping another awesome Swift open source package that makes using XPC Swift-ier. I’m really grateful for all the amazing work Matt has been doing and for sharing it with the community.

Be sure to show some love by giving his repos a star and bookmarking them!

So among a ton of other things, here are Matt’s concurrency and XPC related packages (some recently split off of ConcurrencyPlus):

  1. AsyncXPCConnection: Concurrency support for NSXPCConnection. Just out today. Wraps the cumbersome XPC API in async-await-able helpers that can also throw!

  2. Queue: A queue for Swift concurrency. Formerly TaskQueue in ConcurrencyPlus, this AsyncQueue brings ordered Task execution to Swift.

  3. OperationPlus: NSOperation’s missing pieces. Async helpers, and some convenience operation subclasses.

  4. XPCConnectionSession: Backwards-compatible implementation of XPCSession, which is only available for macOS 14 Sonoma and newer.

If you’re reading up on XPC in Swift to bring ExtensionKit support to your app, you’ll definitely want to read his series on ExtensionKit:

  1. “Introduction to ExtensionKit”
  2. “ExtensionKit and XPC”
  3. “ExtensionKit End-to-End”
  4. “ExtensionKit Views”

Find Matt on social media, e.g. Mastodon and Twitter.