TableFlip v1.5.0 Released

TableFlip v1.5.0 just passed App Store Review. Direct customers got the update already.

Thanks to Marin Todorov for helping on this version! The better performance with large tables, HTML export, and overall fixes are of his making ❤️

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved: Much better performance for opening and editing large files.
  • New: HTML export: you can copy the table as minimal HTML to your clipboard or save .html files.
  • New: LaTeX file export with a minimal preamble added. Previously, you could copy the LaTeX table to your clipboard, but not save the table as a stand-alone, PDF-renderable file.
  • New: LaTeX export options.
  • New: Begin to edit cells with the F2 key (a Microsoft® Excel® feature).
  • New: Reveal the common Edit Selected Cell and End Editing shortcut in the Edit menu for better discoverability.
  • Fixed: Issues with CSV import of UTF files starting with a byte order mark.
  • Fixed: File type selection drop-down during save and export operations.

Get the TableFlip Demo if you haven’t, and see for yourself how nice editing CSV and Markdown can be!

For existing customers, this update is still a free update, of course.