TableFlip v1.5.1

TableFlip v1.5.1 just got approved to the Mac App Store (direct customers got the update a bit earlier, as usual).

Again: kudos to Marin Todorov for the export improvements on HTML!

From the release notes:

  • New: tableflip://preference/ added to URL scheme. It currently handles setting (hidden) preferences.
  • New: Exporting files allow you to tweak options. When you export a file (⌘E) and pick a destination and format TableFlip now asks you for export options before the changes are applied.
  • New: Export options for HTML export: tweak table settings, the default style, and columnar table cell naming.

Oh boy, just wait for v1.6.0 🥁

It’ll be really cool.

Until then, get TableFlip today and enjoy some plain text table flipping.