Life Hack: Label Your Trash Bins

I can’t for the life of me remember which trash bin bag size to buy.

Once I find a fit, it’ll be months before I buy the next batch. By then, I’ve long forgotten which one I bought.

Some more expensive ones have the bag’s size printed all over them. That helps exactly one (1) time: until you buy a cheaper make of the same size. Next time, it’s guessing time again.

I’m not alone, I learned, so I want to share this crazy solution with the world, with you!

Best thing:

It’s for free!


Here you go:

Label your bins and trash cans as soon as a bag fits.

A label on a trash can lid.
  • Tool: Buy a Sharpie or a label printer or some transparent tape.
  • Process: Continue to buy bin bags. Once a size fits, write its size on the bin with the tool you bought.

(We have an embossing label printer, so we use that.)

That’s it! No more bag guessing!

Expensive 30 liter bag manufacturers hate that I can get cheaper 30 liter bags reliably. I also don’t buy rolls of bags that are too large anymore, wasting potential volume, and getting fewer bags per roll. It’s amazing.


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Chris Eidhof

this is the best idea that i never thought of
Caesar Wirth

What. That’s it?
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