Uses: Tools I Use

Table of Contents
  1. Art Equipment
  2. Work Desk and Computer Hardware
  3. Mobile Tools
  4. Home Server
    1. Self-hosting at home
  5. Software
    1. Work: Programming
    2. Work: Writing and Editing, Zettelkasten
    3. Productivity, Organization, GTD
    4. Video, Audio, Graphics
    5. All the Rest
  6. Web tech stack

Art Equipment

Since I got the Micro palette, I’m using it 90% of the time to learn to mix interesting hues from a few core colors.

Palette Portable Painter Classic
Colors (Classic)  
Palette Portable Painter Micro
Colors (Micro) Azo yellow, permanent alizarin chrimson, yellow ochre, ultramarin, phtalo blue, burnt sienna
Brushes Ridiculously thick, that’s the best brush :)
Watercolor Sketchbook Fabriano paper

Work Desk and Computer Hardware

My workspace is made from these hardware components:

Desk Ergotopia Desktopia Pro (180cm, birch)
  Standing mat
Cool chair Aeris Swopper
Normal chair Steelcase Gesture1
Picture Canvas print of a forest

On it, I use all these gadgets:

Mac Model MacBook Pro 14” (2021), M1 Max, 64GB RAM
macOS Ventura 13.6
Monitor LG 34WL850-W (Ultra-Wide, 3440x1440)
Monitor arm Ergotron HX
Mouse Logitech MX Master 3
Keyboard 1 ZSA Moonlander MK I (black)
  Kailh Box Silent Pink (linear, 35gf, lubed)
  (ZealPC Clickiez sometimes)
Keyboard 2 ZSA Voyager (black)
  Kailh Choc Red (50gf)
Desk mat GMK Striker 2 Hexagon Blue
Camera OBSBOT Tiny 2 4k1
Microphone RØDE NT-USB Mini1
Mic arm RØDE PSA1+1
Dock OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock1
Rubber duck Psyduck1
Speakers Kanto YU2
Desk lamp AmazLit LED

Mobile Tools

All my mobile devices sync to my home server via Nextcloud in one way or another.

Home Server

Self-hosting at home


Work: Programming

Work: Writing and Editing, Zettelkasten

Productivity, Organization, GTD

Video, Audio, Graphics

All the Rest

Web tech stack

This website (and almost all other web projects I have) runs on a managed server hosted by Hostsharing eG in Germany, a hosting co-op. I like co-ops, and hosting works really well.

I use TelemetryDeck for very light statistics and access tracking. Another indie project I really like and want to support.

Reluctantly, I organize our local mobile meetup via Meetup.

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