Domain-Driven Design

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Jan 18 2023

The Difference between Entity and Value Object, and How They Relate to Swift's Identifiable and Equatable Protocols

Oct 17 2019

Building a Rich Domain In Iterations

Feb 6 2017

Core Data is Invasive. You Can Hide It, Or You Can Embrace It

Jul 1 2016

Separating ReSwift Actions from UI Events

Nov 11 2015

Modeling: From Structured Data Representation to Problem Domain

Oct 31 2015

What It Means to Domain-Drive Your Design

Oct 14 2015

Decouple UI from Model with View Models and Controls

Oct 8 2015

Revisiting the Core Data + Domain Model Architecture

Oct 6 2015

Expressive Domain Model, Core Data, and You

Oct 3 2015

Chaining Events, Take One

Sep 7 2015

How to Create Flexible Components with Two Levels of Service Objects

Sep 2 2015

Where Instead of Using Functional Bind, I Create an Expressive Model

Dec 8 2014

“Exploring Mac App Development Strategies” Released!

Dec 2 2014

I'm About to Release a Little E-book on Domain-Driven Design and Mac Application Development

Nov 13 2014

Core Data Violates DDD Principles by Default