Hire Me for Teaching & Coaching

I have years of experience in giving workshops at University and coaching individuals. I can create webinars for your company, organize live seminars, or train individuals.

Take a look at my books to get an idea about the topics I really love teaching. You'll notice that …

I don't charge workshops based on the time I spend but on the value I deliver to your company. Get in touch via e-mail to discuss details.

1:1 live coaching is charged by the hour and comes at 100€ ($110) plus VAT if applicable. The first call is always free: there we'll get to know each other and find out how I can help you reach your goals. If we agree to work together, you can purchase as few or many credits as you want in advance. I'll respond to a reasonable amount of inquiries via e-mail without any extra cost.

I'm based in Bielefeld, Germany (UTC+01). Traveling is no problem within the boundaries of Europe, but I favor remote work for overseas-based companies. Finding a time to Skype is typically no problem.

If you're interested in hiring me as a personal software development coach or as trainer for your team, reach out via e-mail: