Crafting a Good Learning Experience

There’s so much in work and life to get up to speed with that a good course, seminar, or workshop can be a tremendous help: you save time researching things on your own, and an expert can accelerate the learning process my an order of magnitude.

For some topics, I might be the expert you are looking for.

Me on stage for a RxSwift/ReSwift talk at Macoun 2019

I have 6+ years of experience conducting various workshops at University about productivity and student-related topics, with an emphasis on learning techniques that work. I also do talks at conferences and webinars for businesses, so there’s a broad spectrum of topics and formats I can offer.

Apart from these one-to-many formats, I also offer to coach and teach individuals.

I’m based in Bielefeld, Germany (UTC+01). Traveling is usually no problem within the boundaries of Europe, but I favor remote webinars for overseas.

To plan a workshop or prepare a talk is often a very involved process, so it’s hard to give a pricing estimate since it all depends on what you want to achieve.

Get in touch via email to discuss any idea you have and figure out which format suits you best: